Spring and nemeses

Close-up of lily and peony sprout

“Plant one row for yourself, and one for the universe” I’ve read. This is because there will always be some loss from either insect, animal, disease or bad luck. We should accept it, even expect it.

I try to keep this in mind. For the most part, I have a monk-like sensibility about these things. I feel for all creatures of the universe. I try my best to be kind, fair, flexible and empathetic.

Red Lily Beetle on Leaf

But my empathy only extends so far. I mean, how much can you really care for a creature when its offspring devour your flowers and cover themselves in their own excrement?

Poopy little jelly blobs.   Voracious little booger babies.

So the springtime battle begins. I picked off and squished about a dozen of these red lily beetles, two of whom were in the process of making more lily beetles (if you get my drift). I found three egg deposit sites and wiped those clean. For a few minutes, I played God in their beetle world: so much death in so little time. I’ll admit, only a tiny part of me felt bad.

I’ll get you, you hungry little scoundrels!

Spring plant against chainlink

Close up Peony sprout

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