Birthing a coat

Yes, it’s true, I’d never inserted a bagged lining until now.

Popped my proverbial bagged-lining cherry, if you will. (Ooh, what a sentence that is! And what an image it conjures!)

It was a messy affair. I was nervous and sweaty. Got out my trusty walking foot for extra protection and added comfort.

There were a few moments of: wait, that goes where? That’s supposed to fit in here?

I have to pull the whole coat, inside out, through this impossibly small opening?!

But I huffed and I puffed and presto!: a fully lined coat emerged.

One of life’s precious little miracles.

  • Pattern: Cascade duffle coat
  • Size: 10
  • Fabric: Charcoal medium weight wool blend; black kasha lining; leather salvaged from a thrifted jacket
  • Notes: The toggles were pieced together from a hacked up Anne Taylor leather jacket. I had to double the half circle parts for extra beefiness. I punched each hole around the edge with a nail and sewed them on by hand using buttonhole thread -With the zipper bands already attached, there was no way I was jamming the whole thing under my walking foot to sew by machine.
  • Mods I would’ve made: 1. I’m pretty sure they should have drafted a separate piece for the hood lining. As it is, there’s no accounting for the facings. I had to make two little tucks to get it to line up along the neck. 2. The zipper band in contrasting fabric should be interfaced, in my opinion. Especially if you use lining fabric as they suggest.

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