Helpful Resources


Palmer and Pletsch “no fail” double welt pocket (pdf)

Sandra Betzina’s fly front zipper method, from Threads magazine (video) – remember to sew zipper on opposite side to get a ladies RTW effect

Closet Case Files’ parts of jeans sewalong list (links to blog posts)




Knitty’s list of various bind-off techniques

Kitchener stitch or Grafting (purl soho video):

  • Set up: Purl closest stitch, leave on needle. Knit furthest stitch, leave on needle.
  • Repeat: *Closest needle – Knit, remove. Purl, keep. Furthest needle – Purl, remove. Knit, keep.*

Russian bind off (cast off):

  • Work two, transfer back to left needle. *K2tog. Work 1, transfer both back to left needle. Rep from *

Tubular bind off (cast off) for ribbing in the round:

  • Setup row 1: knit the knits and slip the purls with yarn in front
  • Setup row 2: purl the purls and slip the knits with yarn in back
  • Separate purls from knits onto two needles. Graft stitches together.

Sewn bind off (cast off):

  • *Insert into first two stitches purlwise. Insert into first stitch knitwise, pull stitch off needle. Rep from*.