Rainy day sweater

Grey Sweater Front

My grandmother would be proud: I am a knitter now. I say that with unabashed confidence.

No sweater pattern is too challenging. I can look away from my stockinette stitch and trust that my fingers will take care of it. A tricky stitch count with a few paired decreases and increases? No need to pause the movie, I’m on it.

Even if I have started to develop an embarrassingly persistent tendency for rowing out, I will still proudly proclaim my knitter status.

Grey Sweater back detail

But when, exactly, did that switch happen? When did I go from lowly muggle to too-cool-for-school knitter? Was it the thirtieth dropped stitch fixed? Or the thirty-first? Was it when I casually corrected my stitch count without agonizing and ripping back ten rows, knowing full well that my little fix would be virtually invisible?

And why -given that I’ve played guitar for far longer than I’ve knit- can I not call myself a guitar player!

Grey Sweater side detail

At some point in the not so distant past, armed with my swift and ball winder and needle gauge, I graduated. Rainy day sweaters, in my favourite shade of unflattering non-colour, are like bread and butter now. Quick, easy and filling. Yum.

Grey Sweater on Chair

This sweater was worked in tandem with Mama Wool&Potato as her first foray into non-sock knitting. We knit each section at the same time, although I would sometimes sprint ahead to the end of a line while she chugged along, mouthing each individual “k1, p1, m1r…..”

Her sweater is a beautiful jujube-red version with rolled cuffs, lots of swing and nary a purl out of place. (Well, maybe just one.) I am immensely proud of her effort and I know she is too.

  • Pattern: Mountain High
  • Size: S (36.25in)
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Light grey, 8401
  • Needles: 4.5mm
  • Notes: FYI, new knitters, the way the pattern is set up is not very conducive to first time sweater knitters. Not a bad pattern, but very confusing if you have no experience and no one to help you decipher.


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  1. what a lovely combination: your creations, your writings and this morning coffee… it’s a good day.

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