Little Mr. Proper Pants

Owen's vest detail

A little human is brewing in my cousin’s belly.

A little human made up of all those usual people parts (presumably): two legs, two arms, two eyes… and all those other people parts: love, hunger, humour, curiosity…

A little human – a whole goshdarnit person- tiny enough to fit in this little widdle vesty thing. Or so I’m told.

Owen's vest Front

  • Pattern: Junior (free drops pattern)
  • Size: 6-9 months
  • Yarn: Drops Baby Merino, Colour 20, Dyelot 64897
  • Needles: 3mm for body, 2.5mm for ribbing

Owen's vest Back

This yarn was so deliciously round and springy that as I knit up my swatch I felt like I was sinking my fingertips directly into the back of the beautifully plump merino whence it came.

A warning though: it’s a cable plied yarn and a bit overplied (giving it that scrumptious roundness), but this means it’s still a little energized and does skew slightly when knitted up. You can see a bit of twist in the stockinette bottom portion, but nothing unbearable.

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