Brahma Bull

Brahma Bull Tshirt

Because this is how I want to enter every room.

Inspired by the Rock’s Wrestlemania 32 t-shirt (now available for sale, I believe), I bought myself a piece of linocut and carved a decent looking brahma bull. I hacked off a piece of cardboard from an old binder, duct taped the edges, super glued a handle to the back and rubber cemented the linocut to the front. We’re talking real, down and dirty crafting here.

(I’d just recently had to throw out a bunch of handspun yarn so I was desperate for some instant gratification and couldn’t be bothered to work slowly and carefully. And nothing’s more instantly gratifying than carving your own block print, n’est-ce pas?!)

Bull blockprint front

Bull blockprint back

The speedball block printing ink that had been sitting in my drawer for a while had separated into a black layer and an oily layer. I mixed it as best I could. The test prints I made were pretty solid and nice looking, but they crocked (def. 2) like a jabroni. I wonder what went wrong?

I used a black screenprinting ink instead. It was harder to make a solid, dark print with it, but I kinda liked the marbled, rough effect it gave. Tougher looking, I think. More… electrifying?

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